Yenching Julie Hung, a Board Certified Fellow Specialist in Oriental Reproductive Medicine, specializes in IVF/IUI Support, Infertility Treatment, Fertility Enhancement, Reproductive Health, Women’s Health, Migraine, Sciatica, and Pain Healing. Julie Hung, a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), provides Acupuncture therapy and oriental reproductive herbal medicine to help natural conception and boost IVF success rate in the Sunnyvale, San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Fremont, Cupertino, Los Altos, Campbell, San Mateo, Foster City, Portola Valley, San  Ramon, Pleasanton, Los Gatos, and Silicon Valley San Francisco Bay area.
To protect the privacy of our patients, the names and some details may be omitted.
You give so much of yourself in the kindness you show and the lives you touch.  That’s why you deserve a heartfelt “thank you” and a wish that all the goodness you share comes back to you.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you and your dedication to the amazing work you do!  Your have been supportive, kind, and knowledgeable.  And you have changed my life forever!  I will miss you over the next few months, but I will be back!!
Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dream of having a baby!  My daughter is now 4 1/2 months old and we couldn’t be happier!

I came to Julie after suffering from 3 miscarriages.  We had started trying to conceive when I was 38, and got pregnant after just a few months.  But we were heart broken when I lost that baby at 10 weeks.  We thought, well, we just need to try again.  So we did, got pregnant again and found out it wasn’t viable.  I began to feel despair that I might not be able to have a baby.  We tried again, and same story.  It was a very sad time.  I began seeing Julie for acupuncture treatments and she also gave me herbs.  Just as important, she kept encouraging me not to give up and would tell me her success stories.  I got pregnant again and had another miscarriage!  But Julie was there for me, telling me to keep going and trying naturally.  Finally, our fifth pregnancy gave us our daughter, and no IVF!  Everything went great in that pregnancy, even though I was 40.  So, our 2 year journey turned out with a happy ending. Thank you Julie!

Finally!  Here is my testimonial!

June of 2010 my husband and I decided to try IUI after 6 months of trying to conceive unsuccessfully.  After 3 rounds of unsuccessful IUI we decided to step up our fertility treatment and seek out information about IVF.  I started out with a low antral follicle count of 9, my right ovary wasn't really making any follicles.  I was referred to Julie by my infertility clinic and quickly started acupuncture.  After about 2 months of acupuncture Julie suggested I also try Chinese herbs.  She actually recommended taking the herbs combined with acupuncture for 6 months before moving on to IVF.  Unfortunately we had already made a payment for IVF so we were at the point of no return.  When I asked my fertility doctor about  taking the Chinese herbs she was reluctant to agree to my taking them.  She finally agreed that I could take them up to two weeks prior to starting my hormones for IVF.  Fortunately while I was taking the Chinese herbs I was also getting ultrasounds through my clinic to monitor my progress in preparation for IVF.  After three weeks of taking the Chinese herbs (mind you I was not taking any other medications at this time other then birth control pills) my antral follicle count doubled, it went from 9 to 17 and ny right ovary now had follicles!  When I got my ultrasound after the three weeks of Chinese herbs my fertility specialist was so excited she wanted to know what I did!  At this point she asked my to continue the herbs for an additional week then what he had previously agreed to!  To see the visual change in my antral follicle count was amazing.

In addition to putting me at ease every time I went to see Julie, she also made our dream come true!  We gave birth to out baby boy 2 weeks ago!

Thank you Julie!  I would highly recommend ANYTHING Julie advises you to do!
My husband and I were trying to conceive for a few years and had finally started looking into IVF, so much so that we changed our insurance plan completely. At the same time, I had researched and found my own way to Julie’s clinic. Julie was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable in how to approach IVF while also assuring me to give her a chance first. Her clinic is a very clean and relaxing place. I seem to always fall asleep on every session there.  After a few months of seeing Julie and trying out her recommended herbs, I was finally pregnant (just before committing to IVF, as it was the original plan). She cares a lot about her patients and tried to keep in touch even after I had stopped seeing her as she knew I was very concerned about miscarrying. I can’t thank her enough for putting my mind at ease and giving her a chance. I now have a very healthy 2.5 week old baby girl.

Keep up the good work Julie.  You make so many families happy.
I totally agree with all the wonderful testimonials for Julie Hung. Julie is highly knowledgeable in her field, a true professional, and last but not least a wonderful person.
As a physician and researcher myself – I am quite judicious in choosing my doctors. After our first consultation with Julie we found that without a doubt we made the right choice!
When the fertility treatments did not work out- the only person who was positive and gave us HOPE was Julie. She was positive that there is good chance that I might conceive naturally taking into consideration my medical history. She suggested undergoing her treatment for 3-4 months and if things still do not work out then to go as per the fertility specialist’s advice. We agreed with her and diligently followed her treatment - herbs and acupuncture. And then, I conceived naturally!! We couldn’t be happier with the results. I continued acupuncture and herbs for another couple of weeks. I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy – growing up fast.
We strongly recommend Julie Hung – who efficiently provides the age old Traditional Chinese Medicine tailoring to our current health needs and integrating well with the modern medicine.
Dear Julie, Thank you sincerely for helping us reach our dream.
I’ve been going to Julie from Jan 2011 and she is amazing. I went to her for fertility issues. I’m an endometriosis patient with a prior miscarriage. She took time to listen to me and read my case history carefully. I was in fact planning for IVF and as a part of it my IVF doc suggested acupuncture. When Julie looked into my case, these were the words she told me “Give me 3 months time, you will get pregnant naturally with acupuncture and herbs.” I trusted her and went for weekly 1hr sessions and used herbs.  I’m now 4months pregnant.

I truly believe I wouldn't have gotten pregnant without Julie's help and any uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms were alleviated with her acupuncture treatments. Besides her knowledge and wonderful expertise, Julie is one of the coolest people I've ever met and her bedside manner is awesome. She makes you feel comfortable and I look forward to our sessions every time. She is kind, warm and very professional.  I highly recommend Julie and I tell all of my girlfriends to go see her.

Trust her and proceed with her treatment. Things will work for you.

Thank You Julie for everything you have done to me. I’m very grateful to you.
After 2 failed tries with IUI, we decided to add acupuncture treatment with emphasis on fertility with our 3rd IUI treatment.  I started the acupuncture treatment from the 3rd day of the IUI cycle.  Now, I am 13 weeks pregnant.  Thank you, Julie, for making our dream come true.
I was 30 yrs. old when my husband and I started trying to conceive naturally. 6 months and no luck we went to a Reproductive Endocrinologist and diagnosed me with poor ovarian reserve. I started talking oral fertility drugs and IUI as well. After trying for 4 months, I switched to fertility injections with IUI and still didn’t have any success except for 1 chemical pregnancy.

My RE advised me to try other option such as acupuncture. I decided to try Julie Hung’s expertise as I was convinced by the testimonials and success stories I found on her website. Among the list of acupuncturists that my RE gave me, she was the only one that has complete information.

I was right in going with my intuition to try Julie’s expertise. Her facility is located in a convenient location aside from being well-equipped, clean and up-to-date. Julie is very friendly and yet still very professional in dealing with her clients. She is very knowledgeable, has a very flexible schedule and made me feel comfortable right away as I’ve never tried acupuncture treatments before.

After receiving weekly treatments for 3 months and taking her herbal supplements, I conceived NATURALLY. As soon as I found out that I was expecting, Julie was the first people to know about the success of our team effort. Now that I’m 13 weeks pregnant, I am still planning to receive treatments from her to get relief from some pregnancy symptoms that I’m having right now.

Had I known the power of acupuncture before, I wouldn’t have waited for 2 years and wouldn’t have had 8 IUI’s and laparoscopy. My husband and I are very excited about the gift that was given to us. We know that Julie was an instrument of the Divine power to help us achieve this. We can never thank her enough for helping us fulfill our dreams of becoming parents…
I've never met any practitioner who cares as much about their patients as Julie.  Once I met her, it felt as if we have been friends for a while.  She listens carefully and conducts a thorough standardized workup to sort out what the best method is for each individual patient to achieve a particular or sometimes multiple goals.

She never rushes you and does not look at the clock to push you out of her office. According to her, the minimal effective "dose"  of acupuncture is 15minutes.  Often I stayed 30-45 minutes overtime without extra charges. She has individual rooms with hand-held "call-buttons" and at least two warming lamps as part of the treatment. She wants you to feel warm, relaxed and be stress free during the time of the treatment. One can tell that she has a goal that she wants to achieve with every individual.

Her skills in acupuncture and herbs are superb and she is skillful with other methods as well beyond these two.  In her hands, the word "painless" is true.  I've tried other places, but it was not the same experience and it hurt.  

Although I live in a city and tried many other practitioners, I did not find anybody who would be comparable to her. I drove 5 hrs round trips to see her every week.  

I could go on about her, but if you choose to visit Julie, you will not be disappointed.
I went to Dr Julie because my ob/gyn suggested I try acupuncture while pursuing other treatments like IUI and IVF. In the first phone conversation with her, she sounded like a person who would take deep interest in her patients.

She started me on herbs and in my next cycle I started noticing some changes. Unfortunately I had to stop the herb when I was on other medication.

I started herb again when none of the IUI cycles worked and while I was waiting to schedule my IVF appointment. And miraculously I got pregnant.

During the entire treatment Dr Julie constantly kept suggesting new things to try and research. She is simply great. I would feel better after every appt with her. I continued the treatment through my first trimester and also took the herb. Surprisingly my ob/gyn had no objection to this.

I think it was Dr Julie’s treatment and assurance she showed, that helped me conceive naturally. Thank you Dr Julie.
My husband and I were having trouble conceiving.  When we went to see the infertility clinic, they couldn’t find a reason for it, and started us on the usual Clomid and insemination.  After 3 unsuccessful tries, I looked into more holistic solutions, and I found Julie’s Acupuncture practice.

After just 3 weekly sessions, I was pregnant!  I couldn’t believe how quickly it had worked.  I saw Julie throughout my first trimester and had a relatively easy pregnancy.

And then I was 4 days past my due date.  Eager to deliver my baby as soon as possible, I tried many of the things that might induce labor – spicy foods, massage, tons of walking, but nothing worked.  So I went to see Julie to see if she might be able to help induce labor.  That night, I went into labor.

We have a beautiful baby boy, and he is just thriving!  I look forward to seeing Julie again when it’s time to try for our second baby.  

I found Julie on the websites, and after reading positive feedback from other clients I scheduled my first visit. Julie has been very attentive and carefully listened to my needs and complains, her office is warm and cozy, I also never felt rushed. I asked her for fertility help and was offered acupuncture with herbal treatment. After the first month of trying her herbs I received a positive pregnancy test. I would recommend Julie to other women trying to conceive.
One of my friends recommended Julie to me. I first visited Julie in February 2010 for four visits - at this point my husband and I decided to stop, since we were not ready with the commitment to have a second child. After almost 6 months with on and off attempts to conceive, I went to see my OBGYN and had some tests done to check my FSH. When I discussed the test results with my doctor he recommended that I visit an infertility clinic. I asked him what he thought about trying acupuncture and he was very positive. I start going back to Julie and my experience was great.  She helped relieve my stress and spent time listening to my concerns.  After 4 weeks of treatment I had a positive pregnancy test. My husband and I are so grateful to Julie. I am 12 weeks pregnant now and all is going great.

Julie also treated my shoulder pain and I have experienced great reduction in discomfort in my shoulders.

I would strongly recommend Julie.

I’ve seen and read many fairy tales where a Fairy God Mother comes with a magical wand in one hand and a magical potion in another. Julie seems to me like one of those Fairy God Mothers with acupuncture needles in one hand and a magical mixture of herbs on the other and grants our wishes miraculously.

I was referred to Julie by one of my close friends. The first meeting made me feel that I had a nice friend that I can talk to and confide in. After several years unsuccessful attempts to conceive with medications and shots, I was happy that she said that she would go the non-invasive way and try with herbs. Though initially I had my doubts on if/when I will get my period on my own and what if time is running out and we get old with this experiment, but each week’s visit made me feel very comfortable with her method and gain confidence. Since my cycle took very long to come on its own, Julie did not hesitate to change the approach and advice that we go with frozen embryo transfer combined with acupuncture and herbs.

The very first cycle that we did with the above approach was fruitful and for the first time in my life the baby dust stuck to my body. But Julie’s job did not just end there. Whenever I had my doubts or lows before the first pregnancy test, I called her and she would give me hope and strength. She has always been there with plenty of advices and suggestions through out.

Julie is very patient in listening to our issues, good at analyzing the effects of the herb each week and changing based on our body conditions, and very friendly to approach with a broad smile on her face all the time. She transmits joy and positive energy after which I’ll be re-energized every time. I’ve also noticed that she is very prompt in returning our calls and more than that remember to call us after our blood tests even if we got delayed in reaching to her.

There are not enough words that can describe our gratitude to her. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is going through this unexplainable pain of not able to conceive.

Hello Julie,
this testimonial was overdue.. sorry for being late.

I went to Julie after trying to conceive for 2 years. I had tried iui's and none of it had worked. My Gynacologist suggested that I try Acupunture. So I started coming to Julie. I was about to undergo laproscopy because my gynacologist suspected that I have endometriosis. But Julie asked to give acupunture treatment to work some more time and asked me to hold on the surgery for at least 2 months. I am so glad I did that because I was pregnant naturally the 1st month I started Julie's treatment.

Julie is very knowledgeable and her herbs are wonderful. The acupuncture sessions were great – I felt so relaxed and centered afterwards. Stress less, Eat Well, Sleep well and take the herbs--- all these things along with the acupuncture sessions really helped.

Thank You Julie for helping us through this pregnancy.
Hi Julie,
I wanted to send you my testimony (long overdue)!

I started going to Julie almost at the last moment, a week before my first IUI. I had done some research and most of it highly recommended doing acupuncture to increase the chance of conception.

I called Julie to schedule an appointment and I left her a message. She called me right back, that same day, and asked me about my situation and what I have done so far. She was honest and sincere and admitted that usually it takes a couple of months for the effects of acupuncture to show and start helping the conception process. In just talking to her I felt very comfortable and knew that she was someone who cared, but at the same time, wouldn't try to give you false hopes.

We were very lucky and conceived after the first 2-day cycle of IUIs.

I continued going to Julie very regularly on a weekly basis and I believe that the acupuncture helped a lot: I experienced no morning sickness and felt vital and energized throughout my whole pregnancy.

I discontinued acupuncture after the 20th week, but resumed  after week 37 all the way until my baby came. In fact, I only had to cancel and skip one appointment - it was the Saturday morning when my contractions started and we went to the hospital. My baby boy was born the following Monday morning.

I still go to Julie on a regular basis. My baby is 5 months old now.  At first, after the delivery, it went to Julie to alleviate my back pain (from learning how to nurse) and to relax. Now, it is to continue balancing my body energy and help prepare for our second baby.

I am confident that Julie's work was a big contributor to the joy my family was able to experience all the way from conception to the birth of our sweet baby. I Thank you, Julie, for your kindness, care and expertise!

We tried for baby for almost a year and we even had a failed attempt of IUI treatment.  Then we found Dr. Julie Hung.  Who is not only a good acupuncture Doctor but a very knowledgeable, polite & humble person.  I can not overstate her professionalism.  We never felt that we are just client who pay for the services.  But instead when ever we were at her clinic, we felt like we have given ourselves to someone we can trust.

Julie is very detailed oriented person that you can feel not only in her talks but in the atmosphere what she provides you inside of her clinic.

As a result of Dr. Julie's treatment I got pregnant naturally.  It's been couple of months now and I have no words to express my feelings & happiness.  This dream came true because of Dr. Julie's help & support.

If anybody out there reading this and having problems conceiving baby just go to Julie tell her everything and see the magic.  I am pretty much sure you won't regret.

Wish you all a happy family.


My struggle with infertility started at age 30. We tried for a year to conceive naturally and then sought medical help. I went through 4 IUI cycles with clomid and gonadotropins and 2 IVF cycles, with no success. My diagnosis was poor egg quality. Nearing 34, I started treatment with Julie. She started treating me with herbs and acupuncture. I wentto her once a week. Finally after about 5 months of herbs and acupuncture, I had my 3rd IVF and it worked! I got pregnant with twins. Thank you Julie for working your magic! I am now 10 and a half weeks along.

Julie is knowledgeable and has a caring attitude. She spends time inquiring, documenting and treating health concerns. I would definitely recommend Julie to any couple struggling with infertility.

I started seeing Julie on February 6, 2010 for acupuncture & fertility treatments.  After only two months of weekly treatments & daily teas, I got pregnant.  My husband & I are very grateful, and the entire experience has been really positive for us.

Julie is great, and we truly enjoyed our weekly visits.  Not having to undergo IVF is such relief.

Thank you, Julie, for all you did for me & my family.

I have worked with other acupuncturists in the Bay Area, and I have to say that Julie Hung is the most knowledgeable and experienced on the topic of reproduction and infertility.   Her expertise, acupuncture technique and caring attitude are unmatched.  She is able to integrate her knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine to provide quality care to her patients .  Julie helped me to get pregnant naturally twice after six failed injectible/iui attempts.  The first one ended in a blighted ovum, but we were able to conceive again just three months later.  I am now in my second trimester of a healthy pregnancy.   I recommended Julie to my girlfriend who was anxious to get pregnant, and now she is also 6 weeks pregnant.  I would highly recommend Julie to anyone seeking an experienced and caring acupuncturist specializing in infertility.

What a wonderful treasure it was to find Julie. My husband and I had interviewed with another acupuncturist and were very disappointed. I started having acupuncture treatments with Julie 2 months before beginning my frozen cycle. Her treatments reduced my stress during my ordeal. Julie is really knowledgeable about all IVF procedures and acupuncture. She is personable by following your schedule and calling you about your results. She is always sure to provide her treatments with a friendly caring attitude. We were very happy to see the care and attention Julie applied to her treatments and her knowledge of acupuncture and IVF procedures. Thank you for your friendship and kindness during our sessions together. I firmly believe that your treatments helped my second IVF cycle become a success. My husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts and highly recommend you to any in need of acupuncture.

I've tried acupuncture before and did not get the personalized treatment that I have with Julie the Care and concern, but most of all her support ......

I know that if I had not followed her plan with the support of my IVF Dr's that I would not have had 31 eggs to be retrieved. We have 15 viable embryos. We got through the procedures with love and support of Julie and the IVF staff. We are having our first baby in August 2010.

You are truly an angel --  thanks for all your care & support during our journey!  A huge Thanks to you!

When I met DR. JULIE Hung, I had a good feeling already that I was in good hands.  She is very thorough and very easy to work with in terms of opening up my medical history.  She prioritize her patients and she is very knowledgeable about my case.  She took care of me the entire time I was seeing her.  She only hoped for the Best for me and for all her patients.  All she wanted is to find success for her patients.  And alas, she/we both found success.  I'm 10 weeks 4 days pregnant and I can't help it but give DR. JULIE a Big hug for her endless support and assistance.  She healed me and made me energetic every after my acupuncture appointment.

Dr. Hung is a caring and skilled acupuncturist.  She is very knowledgeable about assisted fertility methods and the benefits of combining acupuncture and herbs with modern technology.
We had two failed assisted fertility tries before I started acupuncture with Dr. Hung and she has helped us to finally achieve our dream.
We are now ten weeks pregnant and looking forward to the birth of our first child!
Thank you very, very much Dr. Hung.

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby but hadn’t had any luck in 2 years.  We went through all the infertility testing and they all turned out to be normal.  Month after month of disappointment was driving me crazy so I decided to try acupuncture.  After doing some research, I found Dr. Julie Hung.  She’s only couple of blocks away from my work and home!  I’d a good first consultation with Dr. Hung.  She’s patient, easy to talk with and really took the time to listen before she started the treatment.  She’s also very knowledgeable in the acupuncture practice.  I decided to do regularly weekly treatment with her.  Every time I went I was always relaxed, she plays nice and soothing music during the hour treatment.   I have been seeing her for 5 months, and now I’m 13 weeks pregnant!
Thank you Dr. Hung for your kindness and your treatment!  Thank you for the pregnancy, for treating my body to stay healthy and strong enough to stay pregnant.  I’ll go back to her at my 3rd trimester so it’ll help induce my labor naturally and smoothly.  I hope that other women can benefit from receiving treatment from you, perhaps some will benefit in parallel to receiving fertility treatments.  It’ll be best that there are women who will find you and the good you do and that those women may be able to completely avoid the traditional approach to fertility with injections hormones, etc.!

In order to get ready for IVF procedure, we started acupuncture treatment with Dr. Julie Hung. Dr. Julie Hung is an excellent highly qualified acupuncturist and we would like to list few of our experiences with her.

1. Before she starts treatment, she carefully goes through all your records.
2. She takes time to really treat the patent rather than strict time slots that many of the clinics do.
3. She is more eager to treat and cure the problem at hand. She even calls you herself and finds out about the progress.
4. Once she carefully charts everything the treatment starts.
5. Just not only acupuncture, she is very knowledgeable at Infertility issues, IVF, IUI procedures.

Here are the results that we got after her two months treatment:
1. Back pain gone (cupping)
2. Sleep pattern improved and getting good nights’ sleep.
3. Regularized periods which became irregular after 4 IUI treatments.

Hi Julie,
Thank you for your best wishes! We did not forget about you, just wanted to finish 1st trimester before writing to you :).
Yes, we have one healthy baby coming soon, this was confirmed in ultrasounds.
Your acupuncture and herbs treatment was very helpful to us. It helped relieve a lot of stress and has had other good medical benefits for our successful pregnancy. Talking to you & your helpful and kind advice also gave us a lot of hope that we would soon be parents. My delivery will be in March 2010 and I've just started my second trimester.

Thanks Dr. Hung, for helping us in reaching our dream of having a baby naturally.  We had been trying for 4 years to have a baby before seeing Dr. Hung.  My OB and other doctors we’ve seen, after reviewing our test results, all recommended us to IVF treatment.  However, we wanted to conceive naturally if at all possible, so we turned to Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine.  We met with Dr. Hung at the beginning of the year, and during our consultation, she recommended us to try her treatment for 3-6 months.
My period has always been irregular, so Dr. Hung recommended taking basal body temperature every day, which she used to help identify my ovulation period.  Miraculously, the treatment I received regulated my period.  She also helped my husband’s issue with sperm motility.  And so, 4.5 months later, we finally had a positive pregnancy test.  We sincerely thank Dr. Hung for her skills and her attitude in patient care.  She is truly amazing in making miracles happen, and we really appreciate all she has done for us.  We highly recommend Dr. Hung for any couple having difficulty with fertility.


We are very fortunate to have met Dr. Hung.  Without her help, we would not have been able to achieve our dream of conceiving naturally.  We had gone through many infertility tests, which showed complicating factors on both the male and female side.  However, our doctors could not identify why, for example, the sperm motility was too low.  I was recommended to take some supplements to help correct the male factors, but after three months, the test results were the same.  I was told we shouldn’t expect enough improvement and that IVF treatment was our best option.
Perhaps this was a way to not get our hopes too high, but we still wanted to try to conceive naturally.  So, we decided to see Dr. Hung.  After reviewing our test results, she determined a course of action via acupuncture and herbal medicine she thought would help.  After three months, my test results were dramatically improved.  My wife’s problem with irregular periods had also improved, and just a month afterwards, my wife was pregnant.
The entire process was easy and painless, and the result was exactly what we were looking for.  We can’t thank Dr. Hung enough for her efforts.  

For our first baby, my husband and I tried for 2 years before were told that we had unexplained infertility". Two IUI/Clomid cycles later, we were blessed to become pregnant.
After our first child was born, we didn't prevent pregnancy, but we didn't conceive. When we were ready to seriously try for our 2nd baby, my husband said that he wanted to avoid "western" medicine. I decided to try acupuncture with Julie, whom I found online through her website. I wanted someone who specialized in infertility and her background seemed to fit what I was looking for. When I met her, I instantly trusted her. She seemed very confident in her knowledge and that was very comforting.
I started acupuncture. I had about 2 visits before I learned that after 4 weeks I would have to go out of town for a 2 week period. We decided that I would start taking herbs, in addition to the weekly acu treatments. That way, I would at least have the herbs while I was away on vacation.
My cycles were previously about 33 days long, but I started ovulating sooner after getting treated by Julie. After 1.5 months of being treated by Julie, we conceived on our own. I totally attribute this miracle to Julie's treatment!

Dear Julie,

Thank you very much for your wonderful treatment: both acupuncture and Chinese herbs which helped me to conceive in the very first month of trying.  I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 31/2 years, not being successful with 2 IUIs, thinking that I should only resort to IVF.  But then I heard about Chinese medicine and I was lucky to have found you.  You are very competent and knowledgeable  practitioner.  I would trust you just in the very first meeting and that really helped for this success with God's grace.  Thank you very much.


Dr. Julie was a very significant part of our experience in successfully getting pregnant. After many months of trying to conceive, we decided to try acupuncture to improve our chances. Fortunately, we found Dr. Julie, whose office was close to us. We were unsure at first, but she immediately made us comfortable by telling us how she might be able to help us and how she had successfully helped other couples in the past.  She worked with us to plan our acupuncture and herbal treatment.

We saw and felt improvements right away. In addition to helping our fertility, Dr. Julie’s treatment helped relieved much of the anxiety from our unsuccessful attempts. Where before I had difficulty sleeping at night, I began to relax and fall asleep much easier. My basal body temperature (BBT), which was very low before (at around 97.6 post-ovulation), now went up to 98.3. After just a few months of treatment, we found ourselves looking at a positive pregnancy test. We were beside ourselves with joy and excitement, but unfortunately we had a miscarriage two months later.

We were despondent after our miscarriage. We knew we wanted to try again, but the experience had been so painful and discouraging. However, Dr. Julie kept encouraging us. She told us that it was a crucial time for us to try again, and she resumed our acupuncture and herbal treatment. By this time, we felt so hopeless that we started consulting with an infertility specialist. Dr. Julie suggested that we give the acupuncture and herbal treatment one more month before we started with infertility treatments. Sure enough, the very next month we were pregnant again. Knowing our fears after our earlier miscarriage, Dr. Julie worked with us to modify our treatment and continue it through the first trimester of our pregnancy.

We just completed the first trimester of our pregnancy. We could not have imagined how much joy we would feel until we saw our baby on the ultrasound monitor and heard our baby’s heartbeat through the fetal Doppler monitor. Without a doubt, we could not have made it this far without Dr. Julie’s help and encouragement. We would highly recommend Dr. Julie to anyone trying to conceive a baby.


“It must have been the acupuncture”. This is the first thought came across my mind, when I got positive pregnancy result after IVF! Because that’s the only different thing I did with my last successful attempt.  ......
I started going to Dr. Julie Hung 2 moths prior to IVF cycle. On our first consultation, she went over my fertility history in- depth and suggested to meet twice a week for session. She is very friendly and made me feel very comfortable during my treatments. Also her treatment rooms are comfy and offered me much needed serenity. She is an acupuncturist who understands not just fertility question but IVF, which helped me a lot through out my IVF cycle.
Acupuncture has affected my life in a positive way. I tend to be a person who worries too much, but my stress would ease up after her treatments. The relaxation points and fertility points were very helpful in going through IVF. I felt strong and more balanced. After experiencing many stressful drawbacks in my reproductive health, acupuncture has helped me relax.
I highly recommended Dr Julie Hung, to anyone having trouble conceiving or are going through ART.


Dear Julie

We would like to show our appreciation for you and your caring treatment for my wife xxx.  After just three visits with you, we got pregnant naturally.

This has been wonderful experience for us, especially trying to get pregnant for past 9 years.  We sincerely believe that your acupuncture was very key element in us becoming pregnant.

We want to thank you again and we are highly recommending you to anyone who wants to become pregnant naturally.


Dear Julie,

I would like to thank you sincerely for all you have done for me.  You have been so generous, patience and caring with me.  More than that, you have also shown me the talent and the professional knowledge in both Chinese medicine and reproductive medicine.
During each session, you spent extra hours to walk me through your experience, savoir-faire both medical and technological.  Your personalized care can only optimize my chances to success.

On the September 21 2007, I finally detected my first ovulation since last December 2006, less than 3 months of acupuncture treatment along with the Chinese herbal medication under your supervision.  3 weeks later, on the October 6 2007, I found myself pregnant again with the grand joy I have never had since 2005 where I lost my second baby at the 16th week of pregnancy.
That’s not only the most beautiful and precious gift I have never had in my life, but also your friendship and companies.


Dear Yenching,

On the August 22, 2007, I finally confirmed by my ob-gyn that I had 7 week of naturally conceived pregnant, with the grand joy I have never had for 10 years of trying.  Around 3 months of weekly acupuncture treatment along with the daily Chinese herbal medicine under your supervision, my dreams of having pregnant comes true.

I would highly recommend you to any infertility couples to consider acupuncture with you.


Dear Julie,

Thank you very much for the great supports in the past few months.  In spite of  visiting another acupuncturist for 6 months before our first IVF, we were still fail.  I have felt despairing and lonely until I met you.

You impressed me with your strong knowledge and experience in Chinese Medicine and infertility, while your patience and customized-designed treatments gave me a very strong hope.   Your unique painless acupuncture skill let me realize that you are the best acupuncturist I have ever met.

Our second IVF was so successful and my physician was so surprised on my dramatic progress.  You deserve the credit that changes my life.  I strongly recommend you to any couple who are willing to be pregnant.


Dear Julie Hung,

I really appreciate your friendliness and genuine care and concern in helping us with our goal of getting pregnant.  
I also thank you for the acupuncture treatment out of the normal schedule that we had and Sunday morning.  As you know, all our efforts paid off with God granting us a double blessing.  We look it as a miracle indeed.

As of today we are in our 19 weeks.  I have not had any morning sickness.  The ultra sounds look good so far.  I’ve been doing pre-natal workouts.  I’ve really enjoyed this whole pregnancy cycle.  I’m so grateful that I can finally experience being pregnant.

Dear Julie,

My husband and I would like to thank you for the hope and help you had given us in our quest to have our second baby.

It had been a surprisingly long and disappointing journey, especially considering my history. Although two of my three past pregnancies unfortunately ended in miscarriages, conceiving had never been a problem. So you can imagine the shock this time after months of trying with no avail and the anxeity that started to take over. After my 35th birthday, I was really worried that I might not get another chance to give xxx a sibling.
And 3 months into the acupuncture treatment, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised that I got pregnant.

Now that we are happily expecting our second baby in July, we would like to thank you and let you know that we couldn’t be more grateful. In addition to the great result you’d given us, you really made me feel comfortable – going to the sessions felt more like visiting an old friend (well, you are a friend now)  than a treatment.

We really appreciate everything that you have done for us. Wish you all our best and hope that more people have the fortune to be helped by you.

Dear Ms. Julie,

Thank you for your support of me throughout this time and journey to get pregnant!!!  You were always so kind to me and I appreciate all your time with me.

I will be back someday soon.

I think of you often and I hope you have a great day!!!!!

Keep doing the wonderful work that you do!!!!!!!

Cheers and love!

Hugs -

Before I had acupuncture on my back, I used to have chronic lower back pain and chronic mid-back pain.  My pain I had was about 3 years.  Julie Hung, thankfully, helped ease my pain with acupuncture.  I suggest anyone who has any type of pain to have acupuncture done instead of surgery or pain pills.  Thank you Julie Hung.

I have had prostate cancer for many years and I have had the surgery which leaves me with a bladder problem. Since the surgery I have had a urine leakage problem and I decided to try acupuncture. After talking to Yenching Julie Hung the acupuncturist I said why not try and I did. After each treatment the problem seems to get better and better so I have decided to continue with my treatment and I recommend anyone with the same problem to try and see if this works for you.